Sunday, May 17, 2009

Up and Down

Friday I wasn't feeling great so I skipped my walk....AGAIN!  I am so bad.  But on Saturday I made it up by moving my sister who lives in the basement.  Mike has moved like a million times and before the move he was so worried about who would help him lift because my parents have some issues  and for some reason he thought I was weak too.  So I showed him!  I was a moving super star.  Later we were talking about why he thought I was such a weakling, he said that he was just used to me being pregnant.  That is a good excuse since I have been pregnant for almost half of the time we have lived in this house.

I decided since I had been going up and down the stairs for about an hour and a half that it counts as my walks.

Later today, Danielle is coming over and we are going to do our walk.  I really want to get it down in 2 hrs because that is the speed that would be good for the marathon.

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