Monday, May 25, 2009

10 Miles

I was really not into the walk yesterday.  I had no motivation.  The only thing that got  me out of bed and out the door was that I knew my sister was waiting.  I was still really sore from the jogging and Mike was busy so I had no one to take Zoe.  

Danielle and I set out after joking about skipping the walk and going for breakfast.  Danielle picked a great route with some good hills.  The hills killed me and emphasized how sore I was and that the jogging took more out of me then I had thought.  It seemed to take forever to get to 2 miles.  I wanted to quit then.  But Danielle encouraged me to keep going.  Getting to 5 miles was really hard too.  My back was starting to hurt from carrying Zoe and my hips and inner thighs were killing me.  I was still contemplating quitting but again thanks to Danielle we kept going.  

After the halfway mark, Zoe started cranking, so I began to get worried that we wouldn't be able to finish.  Getting to the halfway mark renewed what little motivation I had.  But Zoe was getting up set so we called for Danielle's husband to come get us.  We made it to about mile 8.  I am disappointed but I was trying to be mindful of my body and that the marathon is next week.  NEXT WEEK!  And I have taken on a lot in the past week; swimming and jogging.  And pushing myself to hard so close to the marathon could actually jeopardize that marathon and that would suck.

When I got home I was so dead!  I just crawled into bed.  That was one of the first times that I was so exhausted afterwards.  I realized that I had made the right choice to quit.  Or to rephrase it in a positive way to end.

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