Sunday, May 17, 2009

8 miles

My sister came over nice and early and we set out to do our walk.   I was on a strict timeline because Mike had to work this afternoon.  We had to be done around 2 hours.  So we set out we make decent time to the 2 mile mark and I wanted to be half way by 1 hour.  It was getting close so we decided to jog a bit.  We jogged the last bit of every block.  The jogging went well, I just need to make sure I wear a good bra.  The fun part is that Danielle and I got honked at a couple times and one guy yelled out his window professing his love to us and that he wanted to make out right now.  It was kind of annoying but really flattering at the same time.

I am petrified of jogging but it has some great calorie burning benefits and I do want my next marathon time to be faster.  Mike and I have signed up for a Learn to Run class that starts next Friday.  I have been slowly trying to jog a bit just to prepare myself for the class and running in front of people. 

 I am excited for the class because I am excited for Mike and I to get out without kids and do some exercise.  If both of us are getting it fit the closer we are to becoming a fit family.

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