Sunday, May 3, 2009

9 Miles

I did it!  Woot!  Woot!  I am so proud of myself.  I am a bit sore but I am high from the exercise and the acheivement.

Getting the walk in was touch and go for a bit.  We were so busy this weekend with a reunion and visiting my mother in law.  I set out to do the walk this morning with Zoe but it was really windy and I had to get Mike to come and get us.  Luckily my sister wanted to do the walk with me and we met up at my parents house and did it.  It worked out great going to my parents because then Mike had help with the kids.

I started out carrying Zoe and made it about half way when my Mom came by with water and encouragement.  Zoe was doing really well but I let Mom take her because I figured it wouldn't take to long before Zoe would get upset.  Also I was a little concerned about the sun.  

Today was the perfect day for a walk, it was about 20 C out!  I just love the first couple of nice days because you really appreciate them and being outside for close to 3 hours is such a treat.  The sun was shining and there were barely any clouds in the sky.

We walked around the small town that we grew up in and it was funny talking about some of the places we would never have walked to before and how it really wasn't that far away.  Danielle and I were reminiscing about walking home from school and to friends houses.

The marathon is in 28 days!  Crazy!  If you would have asked me back in January if I thought I would be this close to do a marathon I think I would have laughed but here I am!

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