Thursday, May 21, 2009

30 mins

Mike has been sick and working like a dog so when the alarm went off this morning for me to go swimming, he asked me to stay home.  He just couldn't get up if Zoe woke up early again.  I was pissed.   Not really at him.  I was just frustrated and it has been hard not having anyone able to take Zoe.  Unfortunately that ruined my day.  I shouldn't have let it fester because Mike has been nothing but supportive of my marathon and getting fit.  He really has been wonderful.

I decided to take a nap instead of exercise.  I thought I would go after Brownies.   I asked Mike to join me and it was a good thing I did  because after Brownies I was tired and didn't want to exercise.  Thankfully Mike encouraged me to just get it over with.  So I strapped Zoe on and walked.

I am so glad that I did it because I don't have to make it up and it is done.  So far I have stucked to my goal of not skipping a walk. 

10 more days!!

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