Friday, May 22, 2009


I did my walk and swim yesterday.  Just before dinner I weighed myself and I am up!  Grrr......So I jumped off the wagon with gusto and went to Cheesecake Cafe for dinner.  I am so pissed, why doesn't exercising equal weight loss?  I know I went over my points this week and didn't eat very well but why is it this hard?

I am training for a freaking marathon and haven't lost anything!  That isn't fair.  I don't like dieting.  I want to eat what I want and enjoy it.  Why doesn't it work that way for me?  I am bummed and frustrated.

But I am going to get back on it and do better this week.  I am going to swim more, my running class starst and I am not going to go over my points.

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