Monday, May 11, 2009

Almost 10 miles

Yesterday, I managed to fit in my walk amoungst the 4 mothers we celebrated.  Mike let me sleep in and then made me breakfast and the girls and him bought me some walking accessories; a hat, water belt and really good double layer socks.  I was really excited when they gave me my present and used it for my walk.

The socks were fabulous!  I didn't get any blisters.  The socks are double layer and they are supposed to rub against the layers instead of my feet and it worked really well.

Danielle and I did the walk and we were brave enough to do 4 hills.  We walked around the town where my parents live again.  There was more traffic today so it wasn't as enjoyable as last week.  We also just mapped out 5miles one way and then turned around.  I love the turn around point.  It helps to know where you are and how close you are to being done.  

Unfortunately it started raining in our last mile.  We kept going, it started coming down really hard and getting really cold.  We decided that we were going to finish and not call anyone to pick us up but our wonderful husbands came.  We had about a half a mile to go so we did really well too.  

The neat thing is that we even were able to jog in our last mile -  mainly to get out of the rain sooner.  But I think that is awesome that we still had energy to do it.

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