Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tough Week

Zoe, my youngest has been sick since last Tuesday.  She has had an awful flu bug and I had to go to my parents for help.  But amazingly I got all my walks in!  I also did the long walk of 7 miles!  That is the longest I have walked ever.  I chose my walk around two hills to get prepared for any hills during the marathon.  My mom has done two marathons and she told me that the hardest thing was the hills because she wasn’t prepared for them.  I have been preparing on my treadmill and looking for some hills during my walks.

The walk was great, about 5 minutes away from my turnaround point I was getting a bit worried.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it and would have to call my husband to come get me.  But when I saw my mark, which was two hay bales, I got a bounce in my step and was able to shave  off 5 minutes on the second half.  The walk was supposed to be an easy 7  miles, so I didn’t worry about speed even though I wanted to do it in around 2 hours.  I typically can go faster but the point was to do it and not break any records, that is what the next marathon is for.  

My husband was so cute, he drove out to find me and brought me some water.  He came just as I was starting the last mile.  That helped give me energy to keep going.  I need to stretch better because my shin splints were hurting.  I have been told that to get rid of them the best way is to walk on your heels for 30 seconds a day for about a week.  So I am going to try that.

My treat for the week was to get new shoes!  I went to The Running Room yesterday and got fitted for some sleek looking addidas!  I can’t wait to break them in.

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