Saturday, April 18, 2009

It doesn't fall off

Today as I was despairing about my weight, I thought about blogging about my struggle. It doesn’t fall off is talking about how some of us have to really struggle to take off our pregnancy weight and how for some breastfeeding is not a given for weight loss. My eldest daughter is now 2 years old and for her pregnancy, I enjoyed every latte and hot cross bun to the max and gained 70lbs. I didn’t worry I was going to breastfeed and of course have so much time to go to the gym, I *knew* that I would lose it no problem. Ha!! I was so naive. Time?! And time to yourself, to be exact what is that? I got pregnant when my eldest was 11 months old and with 40 lbs left to lose, I did well with my second pregnancy and gained the textbook 25 and now at 4 months I have lost 17. I have now realized that it is work and hard work at that. I am going to share my journey with any of you who maybe in the same boat.

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