Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finally 8 miles!!

I did it!  I have now officially walked the farthest I have ever done in my life!  And what a feat.  Today I knew I had to get the walk in or I wouldn't do it.  I also had to plan really well.  I decided to have some time with the hubby I had to take the girls with me for the walk.  I knew that Ally for sure would not be able to sit in the stroller the entire time.  I packed the girls up in our new fabulous chariot and filled it with special snacks, drinks and toys.  I left the house around 4 pm and hoping to be about half way when Mike would be home from work so he could take the girls.

The walk went amazingly.  Ally did really well despite some poking at Zoe, she sang and played and talked to me.  Zoe did okay.  She would cry here and there and then at the turn around point she wouldn't stop and by the time Mike came about 15 minutes later she was DONE and everyone in a miles radius knew that she was not a happy baby.  Mike came and started unbuckling the girls and putting them into their carseats while I emptied and packed up the stroller.

Then I put my mp3 player on and went.  I did 8 miles in 2hrs and 20 minutes.  I kind of think that I could knock off like 10 minutes for stopping at lights, getting snacks and when Mike picked the girls up.  I am so impressed with the time. It is close to 4 miles an hour which is the speed I want for the marathon and better than  my last walk of 7 miles in 2 hrs 5 min.   Yeah!

I am also not hurting to bad.  I did dip into the tub with some wine for about 5 minutes before Zoe woke and wouldn't soothe for Mike.  Those 5 minutes were heaven though.  My heels hurt and I think after the next long walk I will treat myself to a pedicure.

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