Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Super Mom!

On top  of doing my 8 miles I was also productive around the house.  I took both girls grocery shopping this morning for the first time!  I never liked taking just Ally to the store because she is such a handful and I have been petrified of taking both girls by  myself.  I discovered that Safeway has carts that have a car in front that you can belt a toddler into.  Ally loves it so I can wheel around the store and not have to worry about her too  much.  I had Zoe in a sling and I pushed the car and did the shopping, it was great.  Also thankfully Safeway has carry out too.  

When we got home I put Zoe down for her nap and Ally played on her slide while I brought the groceries in.  Then she painted while I threw together a casserole from a bunch of leftovers and then we had lunch.  

Then both girls napped.  I am getting better at getting both of them down around the same time so that I a bit of a break, which is so wonderful.  It has only been a week of them going down at the same time but I am loving it.

While the girls napped I cleaned the kitchen and started washing the floor when Ally woke up to help.  It is so tough getting a floor washed with a toddler.  She is much better now, I have tile floor and she would walk on the wet area then fall and get hurt.  Now she stays out of the way but she is fascinated with the bucket.

After a that we made some muffins and then  put supper in over and got ready for  my walk.  I am just so impressed with myself!  It is not every day or week that I am this productive.  I love the feeling after such a great day.  It is so rewarding.

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