Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Earlier this week I was talking to my sister in law who has just gone back to work part time, which she is ecstatic about.  She was telling me about a this article she read about every person needing 4-6 hrs of 'flow ' a day.  'Flow' being whatever a person does that they get completely engrossed in and can lose track of time.  She said that most moms don't get enough 'flow' and that is so true.  When she said that I had to really think about when was the last time I had 'flow' and what gave me that.  I think it is important for a mom's mental health to find what gives her that and to try and do it once a day but being a mom even once a week would be nice.

My walks are starting to be that where it doesn't feel like a chore but I really enjoy and time just flies.  But I want to find other stuff that gives me that 'flow', I want to get back into knitting and maybe learn to sew.  Maybe when Zoe starts sleeping at a consistent time.

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