Saturday, April 18, 2009


I started training for the marathon in the beginning of February.  I am doing the Calgary Marathon on May 31st.  I found this training plan and I adapted it from 12 to 16 weeks by doubling the first and last two weeks.  I really liked this plan because I do better with a set time because I found the idea of doing 2 miles a night very daunting but doing 40 minutes is easy, even though it is the same.

I convinced my sister and friend to join me because I love company especially on the long walks.  I also set up weekly treats to motivate myself to keep going and complete a week.  I registered for the marathon after 4 weeks.  I waited to make sure I was really going to do it and I had heard after a month you start to crave exercise and have a new habit.

After completing 7 weeks, I am proud to say I have only missed 3 days of training!  That is a huge accomplisment.  I have never been motivated enough to exercise 5 days a week.  Now I don’t crave the exercise but I do look forward to it.

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