Sunday, April 26, 2009

6 Miles

Today was a very busy day with a play date, a birthday party and a house to clean.  It was a challenge to get the walk and I was worried that if I didn't squeeze it in somehow that I would post pone it like last week.  So I walked just over 6 miles to where the playdate was.  I carried Zoe and Mike and Ally drove there.  I left about an hour and half before.

It is really weird walking to a place that you normally drive too.  It felt like a really long walk and the first 2 miles were really hard because I had bad shin splints again but I did it!  I was a bit slower than I wanted to be but I powered through the shin splints and I think the lights added some time too.  All in all, I am proud that I did it.  

Now there are 4 weeks left!  Eeek!  Crazy how fast this training has gone.  And I think I can now say that I am really enjoying the exercise, which is big for me because I have never like exercise.  I still dread getting out and it I have to really push myself to put my shoes on but I know I will have a great time once I get going.  I love the chance to think and enjoy my music without someone demanding attention.  Even though I am still carrying a kid it is the closest I come to me time and I love it.

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