Saturday, April 18, 2009

Societal Rant

I realized today as I was complimenting my friend on her ‘tiny’ 37 week belly pic, how messed up we are concerning weight and size.  Being ‘tiny’ is a desire during pregnancy even though we want a healthy baby and enjoy getting round.  But if you ever compliment some one by telling them how big they are you are sure to offend.  I relished in my size but I still didn’t want to be compared to a house or my friend who was having twins.  I learned that the ultimate compliment is,”Wow, you are so tiny!”  But when you think of growing a healthy child with your body, don’t you think being bigger would be better?

Of course, as I know all to well there is such a thing as too much but ironically for me, my second pregnancy where I gained the textbook amount I actually had a bigger baby.  But I did eat healthier.

So there you go, it all comes down to health.  I am glad that I had midwives because that is what they focused on instead of how much it was what I was eating.  That is important and I appreciated that.

I think my compliment from now on is going to be, “Wow, you look so great and healthy.”  Hopefully I won’t offend…

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