Wednesday, April 29, 2009

45 Min Easy

I really wanted to do my walk outside yesterday but alas it was snowing again!  Darn weather.  I got on my trusty treadmill and walked while watching TLC.  One thing that struck me was how easy 45 minutes seems now.  I remember when it was so hard to finish and it seemed like such a long time.  Now it goes so quickly.

Counting my calories is going well and eating veggies too.  I am settling into this dieting again too.  I did freak out a bit in regards to my supply.  I just made some alfalfa tea to boost my supply and tried to calm down.  I realized that one day of crankiness doesn't neccesarily mean that my supply has dropped.  It did make me realize that even with my brave talk and everything going so well with Zoe that I am still petrified of not having enough milk.

It is such a fine line between being taking care of me and taking care of my girls.  Both are important and depending on the day one can be more important than the other.

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