Saturday, April 18, 2009

4 Mile Brisk Walk

My sister is also training with me and we tried to do our long walks together.  This week we were to do a 4 mile brisk walk,  my goal is to do 4 miles an hour.  This a good speed and if I can be consistent puts me at finishing the marathon just after 3 hrs.  We decided to do the long walk on Saturday this week because we had plans to have dinner together.  We decided to do the walk in my neighborhood.  So we took the GPS and set off down the road.  It was fairly warm out with a bit of a wind.  I have been reluctant to do any walks in my neighborhood because of the lights and a lot of people don’t shovel their walks and it is icy.  We also wanted to talk so we possibly could have gone faster but what is the point of exercise if you can’t enjoy it?  There were some treacherous sections and two set of lights we had to deal with but all in all it worked out perfectly and even with slowing down for the lights and ice we did the 4 miles in one hour!  I think that is pretty impressive!

I am amazed that I can walk so much faster outside than I can on my treadmill.  On  my treadmill I can only go about 3 miles an hour and I find that hard.  Outside I find it easy to do 4 miles/hour.  Weird….I guess it is a good thing that the marathon is out side.

Today I will be doing a 30 min stroll. I would like to get Mike and the girls out but I don’t see that happening because we have been busy de-cluttering the office and unfortunately the house is a mess.

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