Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We had an offer on the house last week but it fell through. I was so excited but incredibly stressed. Mike and I figured out that due to his golf weekend we had only about a week after the offer closed to pack! So I am thankful that it fell through a little bit. I don't like the stress of showing the house and constantly cleaning it but it is a neccessary evil. I hate the person it turns me into. I fly off the handle pretty easily and get angry with Ally more often than I like. She has started to throw food on the floor and to spit. It ticks me off because I am trying so hard to keep this house clean and I hate cleaning. Ally is pushing my buttons on purpose because I think she likes to get a reaction out of me. I wish I didn't get so angry but I just washed the floor or cleaned that spot or put that away. I also hate how I can't exercise with all this chaos. I actually missed the endorphins or whatever it is but I miss having that time to myself and working on me. I am feeling a bit burnt out.

I am also very excited about our future. We spent Canada Day in Didsbury and being there showed and reminded me of the neat activities for kids and the strong community that I have there. It really is going to be a great place to raise kids.

I also just love being close to everything and my parents! My kids are going to be so lucky....I hope one day they appreciate it too. So I have lots to complain about but I am also very thankful and excited.

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