Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am really frustrated with dieting. I haven't done it for about a week and half and I have very little desire to continue. Why, oh why is it so damn hard? I have been doing this diet for 8 weeks and half lost 3 lbs. Now I must admit I haven't followed it as good as I could have but still! I tried getting back on the wagon on Monday but that didn't work and here it is Wednesday and I going to give it another shot. I have cut down my daily points by 4 and that should work. What ticks me off and I have complained about this before is that before when I would have a bad week I wouldn't gain anything now I have a bad week and I gain like 5 lbs. It sucks. I hope cutting down my points will help. I am exercising more than ever and hardly losing anything that isn't cool. So I this week I will watch my supply and do my best to stay on plan.

On a good note my running is going really well! It is getting easier, not by much but I am feeling more confident in my ability to run. I think next week I will sign up for a 5k run. The original one I wanted to do is July 5, that maybe a bit soon so I am going to find another one that is at a better time.


  1. Hey...I was just thinking two things - one is that you're exercising a lot, so maybe the reason you're not seeing a change on the scale is because you're gaining muscle (which is more dense and weighs more than fat). Have you measured yourself? You might find that even though that pesky number on the scale hasn't changed or is going up that your waist or wherever else you've measured is actually going down...

    The other thing is you're still breastfeeding, right? With all the hormones, it can make it difficult to lose weight even if you're doing the right things (drinking lots of water, eating right, exercising) might find you'll lose a bunch of weight very quickly when you stop breastfeeding. Your body doesn't want to let you lose too much weight while you're still nursing because it wants to make sure there are fat stores to draw on if a famine know, leftover from the caveman times!

    Good luck and keep going...I know what it's like, I'm working on my baby weight too!!


  2. Shannon,
    Thanks for you thoughts. I think you may be right, but I believe you and hope you are wrong about my body holding onto the extra weight while nursing. The reason is because I am still nursing my oldest....and I really want to get back to a good weight before the next pregnancy and if what you say is true...then I won't be losing weight anytime soon. But I guess it can't hurt to have a better lifestyle.