Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Horrible Mom

It is amazing what a couple days and lack of sleep can do to you.  It was just the other day I was feeling like super mom.  Now I feel like I am a horrible one.  Ugh!  I am tired and I have been up since 4am with one kid or the other.  I am feeling like all I do is complain about having kids and how horrible they are.  Truthfully I love them dearly and they constantly make me smile but the lack of sleep and the fight to go to sleep is overshadowing the good times.  Or at least it is to me at this moment, I am writing this at 7am both girls are back to sleep but I know that it will be a short time before the next kids is up.  I am going to enjoy the silence for a bit.

Mike and I have started to talk about having another kid again.  I want four kids but I am scared that I can't handle it.  I am scared that my kids will hate me because I am grouchy.  I am scared that my marriage won't survive it.  

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  1. awww! its just the lack of sleep talking!!! You are a great mom and you know it! Its extra hard for you right now cuz mike is away, but you will get back on track. I am here to help if you wanna drop the kids off for a bit.. I know its far away.. but I am here if you need me :)