Sunday, January 8, 2012


Getting up early has been very difficult this week.  I either stay up too late the night before or Georgia is waking up when my alarm goes off.  It is annoying because I really want to get into the challenge and do the exercises.  But I am not stressing about it. 

I am focusing on my diet because that is what has worked for me to lose 20lbs. I was barely exercising before and the weight was coming off.  This week to make up for the Christmas/New Year's binges I have not had a cheat day. 

As the weekend got closer I was a little worried about if I could do it.  I find the weekends the hardest to eat well because there is no routine and we usually end up at Wal-Mart or the mall or someone's house.  Saturday I did amazing!  We did end up at Wal-Mart and the plan was to have lunch at McDonald's.  I just left Mike with the girls and I went and did the shopping.  I am glad that I made a plan because it is too hard to sit and watch people eat and not take their french fries!  Then Mike and I went to a movie at the mall where there are many of my favorite things.  I didn't even have a bit of Mike's popcorn!

Today may be hard again but I know I can do it! 

Next week I hope to get more exercise in, I am going to go to jazzercise at least twice next week.  Bodyrock....only if it works next week, is an insane week for me with meetings I am taking the blame and feelings of failure away because it is all about my diet.


  1. It's excellent to hear from you, Melynda! Great job with the exercising this year and I wish you the very best in keeping it up each morning. I know that is something I am working on, too, and it's going to be a challenge as long as I am dealing with little people before dawn ;)

    Keep focusing on sticking to your guns and be healthy!

  2. I managed to resist McD's the other day too when Matt had it... but I don't know if I could resist McD's and Movie Popcorn in the same day! You rock!

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