Sunday, January 22, 2012

Free Day!

Friday was my birthday but I chose to have my free day today. I thought it would be hard but I really didn't want a 3 day binge just because it was my birthday.  My goal for today is to not eat to crazily.

I am pleased with how I did last week.  I do need to cut out the wings.  Wings have been my cheat that was kind of legal.  I am not going to have wings until at least February 11.  That is the big fundraising night that I am helping plan for the girl's preschool and I am planning on wearing a great dress and my goal is to be down 30 lbs.

Today my weigh in was 181.1, I am 0.6 lbs away from 25 lbs total loss.  I am thrilled!

My friends and I went to the mall on Friday and we were looking at stores and I realized that I am afraid of a lot of clothing stores.  I don't branch out and even thinking about going in and trying clothes on terrify me.  I remember trying clothes on and not finding anything.  I don't want to have that happen after losing 25lbs.  I also have made a firm commitment to not buy anything that is XL.  I am done with that size....well not the stuff in my closet because I am also going and buying a new outfit.

So I have 3 weeks to lose 6 lbs.  I think I can totally do it.  I am also thinking of not having a cheat/free day next week.


  1. Did you take your measurements at the beginning of this journey? If not, we should take them now, they are sometimes a better indicator of improvement (especially when you've already lost so many lbs). It could also be a neat way to see what clothing size you are now and get past the fear of trying clothes on :)

  2. I did take my measurements! I took them at the beginning of the month too. I am excited to see the change.

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