Friday, January 13, 2012

Going strong

Christmas and New Year's threw my weight loss out the window and then I plateaued.  Last week I chose not to have a free day and eat very strictly that went really well but I just wasn't losing and it was frustrating me.  I decided to be pro-active and research the diet and see if I could figure out where I went wrong.

I am doing a high protein-low carb diet, it is modelled after Tim's Ferriss' Slow Carb Diet from The Four Hour Body.  It is a great book with tons of neat information.  It has been going really well for me.  I wasn't going hard core because what I was doing was working and I knew that at some point I would need to become stricter.

That point was after New Year's but stricter wasn't what I found is I wasn't getting enough protein in the morning.  I was having two eggs which is about 12g of protein and according to the diet, you should have 30g and within a half an hour of waking.

I started this on Wednesday and that weight has finally started to come off!  Thank goodness!  My goal is to be down 30lbs total by February 11. 

Tomorrow is my official weigh in and I will post how I did.  Today I can't eat much because I am going for dental surgery.  I am terrified!  I am not sure when I will be able to eat again....I also can't drink anything before the appointment.  So today will either help me tremendously or hurt me.  Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck with the dental surgery...I had some in the spring (?) and it was not much fun. I found that eating protein in the morning was the best thing for me too...J is not so sure of eggs everyday....

  2. I am really curious to see how the added protein helps you. Good job being proactive!

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