Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Good Form

Yesterday, I was super motivated and it was really neat because starting the day exercising led me to want to keep exercising through out the day.  I did my morning work out, jazzercise, went for a walk and then did a fit test.
Bodyrock is doing a 30 day challenge.  Yesterday they posted a fit test to get a baseline for where you are at.  It will be fun to see my improvement over the next month!
Here are my scores:
Squat jumps - 22
Push ups - 18 (on kneees)
Burpees - 10
High Knees - 86
Switch Lunges - 15
Tuck Jumps - 12
Straight Abs - 22

Yesterday I ate really well!  My plan is to eat the same thing every day.  It is boring but it is really healthy stuff and I think it will jump start my weight loss.

This morning Georgia was wonderful enough to wake up at 5:40am, normally I would be cranky but she helped me to get moving and exercising.  I am not sure I would have gotten up to exercise.  I am stiff and sore!

I did the same work out from yesterday and it was hard because I am sore.  There will be another workout posted today and maybe I will do it tonight but for sure tomorrow morning.

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