Monday, November 30, 2009

Time for Another?

Mike and I are in discussion about whether it is time to start trying again. It is a weird discussion because it really depends on the day, how the girls are, how I am feeling etc. I hate the decision! There are so many reason for and against. Mike likes the idea of getting the kids done and over with so that we can start doing the fun stuff. He doesn't really like the first year because he has a hard time with a baby who just wants Mommy. He does great with toddlers and can see that each year is going to be more and more fun. I totally agree. I also kind of like the idea of getting my body back sooner. But I am terrified of my stress and frustration level. I want to still be a good mom who my kids love, not some growly bear. So we will see what the future brings at this point we are just going day by day and really thinking about what to do until I get the all clear from the doctor.

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