Monday, August 31, 2009

Out of Shape

I am amazed at how out of shape I am. It has been 3 months since my marathon and I have lost it all. I am out of shape and I have gained 11 lbs since then. It is so annoying and frustrating. I am angry at myself but I am rolling that emotion into motivation to work hard to lose the weight.

I walked/ran to my parent's house which is about 8 minutes. Not a proper workout but it is something. I tried jogging back but forces combined. Ally fed Zoe a fruit snack and she started gagging on it. I also got the family out for a nice long walk tonight. It is sad to say but that is the most I have exercised in months and it was really nothing.

Tomorrow I start going to Weight Watchers meetings. I have lots of good groceries in the house and living in a small town will help my eating out addiction. I really hope I can be successful again. 4 years ago before my wedding I lost close to 50lbs so I hope I can do it again. Last night I just ate better but didn't really exercise, I hope by exercising a lot that I can do it.

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  1. Good for you!! I too have been slacking :( I have not been to the gym in forever.. Mind you I have been watching Dylan quite a bit this month... So I hope I can get back into the groove! I did go on an 8km hike though... and man am I hurting! lol I have been drinking crazy amounts of water the past few days. It is soooo hot out! lol Can't wait to see you and the girls tomorrow :) Miss you! And I know you will find your rhythm and will lose the weight you want :)