Friday, January 7, 2011


Yeah for Friday!  This has been a hard week.  I have been incredibly busy and it has been a challenge to get back to our regular routine.  And now the girls are sick.  But in 8 hours I will be saved!  My mother-in-law is coming.  Seriously, no sarcasm I love my mother-in-law, she is simply wonderful and an amazing Grandma.  I am so excited that she is coming because I will get a break and the girls will get a ton of attention.

This week has gone by so fast and judging by the laundry pile that has not moved from the chair all week, I feel like I have accomplished nothing.  I have...I think....

Next week will be better, I have arranged a day home for Ally and Zoe to go to one day a week so that I can concentrate on running Coffee News, Tupperware and if there is anytime left my house.  The day home is right around the corner so we can walk there when it gets warm.  Part of me doesn't like that I won't be taking care of them but it is also not fair for me to sit in the office every day doing stuff here and there.  It will be best to consolidate my work time to one day so that I can concentrate on the kids.

I really hope that some normalcy and routine will help things around here because I am really struggling.  I am just managing every day.  It is like I am constantly running on empty and each day I get 1/4 filled up and it is gone by noon.  I hate feeling this way because anything puts me on edge or over.  Georgia not going to sleep the way I want will almost make me cry.  Or Ally or Zoe misbehaving will make me snap and lose my temper much sooner than I used to.  I also feel like I have this mountain of a 'To-do' list and each day I go up half way and only to slide back down.

So due to the way I am feeling my eating has not been anywhere close to where I want it.  I barely have been able to eat breakfast and I find if I eat breakfast then the rest of my day goes much better eating wise.  No sugar has not happened here AT ALL.  I have used the remaining sweets in my house as a reward for getting through the day or until nap time.  It is sad but I know it will change.  My health is important but my focus is on my kids right now.  And each day I do better and I am eating far less sugar than I was at Christmas.

My friend Shannon (check her blog out - it is a great read.) and I have teamed up to help support each other in our diets.  We are checking in with each other twice a week.  This week my goal is to eat breakfast and to continue with water.  I am taking it easy on myself because each small step toward being healthy is one step closer.

What are you goals this week?

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