Monday, January 24, 2011


I apologize for my last depressing post.  I ended up having a wonderful birthday thanks to my sister and my bestie.

Hehe...bestie...that word makes me giggle.

This weekend I went and stayed at my sisters house.  Her husband was nice enough to sleep on a deflating air mattress so that Georgia, Danielle and I could stay up all night talking.  Well...I actually hoped Georgia would sleep...oh well.

Then I went out with my friends for dinner, I indulged in some delicious drinks and cheesecake.  It was a great night!


  1. I'm so glad things turned out better, that's great news!

  2. you crack me up lol :P and I am also proud of you for joining my staying active challenge :) you rock! I am so glad you decided to do something for your bday, we need more nights out lol