Friday, January 28, 2011


On Monday I decided to start counting my calories again.  I did Weight Watchers before my wedding so I am familiar with counting.  I like the flexibility and it helps that 'there's an app for that'....lame...I know!  I found that the goals that I set at the beginning of the month has become unrealistic.  My desire for sweets and the instant boost would derail my good intentions and then I would allow it to throw my whole day.  Counting calories allows me to have candy or chocolate as long as I write it down.  And by writing it down and knowing my calorie limit it motivates me to only have one.

I have done well all this week by counting calories and so far, I think the scale may be down on Monday.  I am also focusing on high protein meals and one trick I discovered was to put protein powder in my coffee.  You can barely taste it...once you cover it with splenda and creamer it is delicious!

Wish me luck to count over the weekend...I have a hard time on the weekends.

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  1. Not sure if this works for everyone or not.. but I did a program that was extreme many years ago when body building for fun.. and I aint no skinny minny (well you know me)....

    but for 6 days a week I was extreme in my eating.. at 6 small meals a day no cheating no treats no nothing but a set meal of protein, carb and veggies.. but on my 7th day.. (I'd alternate between the Sat or Sun depending on if we had plans) and on those days I could eat whatever I wanted (within moderation, like no entire box of cookies just a few).. this went on for 12 weeks.. by the end of it, I barely had any treats on those 7th days... and I lost 20 pounds.

    There was exercise 6 days a week... but the diet plan worked... I never craved anything special knowing that I would get it on that 7th day...

    just a thought that I'd share.. what works for one may not for another...