Thursday, January 13, 2011

Officially a WAHM

After today, I think I can offically say I am a work at home mom.  Yes, it is true I am finally earning my keep around here.  I can only wait until it starts effecting my shoe budget. 

Last week I set up a one day a week arrangement with a day home right down the street.  The sitter for a lack of a better word is wonderful!  She is easy going and the girls seem to really enjoy themselves.  They barely looked up from playing when I arrived to pick them up.  I got some much work done in 5 1/2 hours with a bit of a break here and there to tend to Georgia. 

This week I was really thrown into the ring, I laid off my first staff, called several clients regarding past due invoices and discussed ad design ideas with a new client.  Big, scary stuff but I did it.  I really, really hate confrontation and having the laying off discussion was extremely nerve-wracking but once I got started it went really well.  I also hate calling strangers on the phone, I will do everything I possibly can to get out of it.  But went it is your family depending on the business, there is no end to the motivation to do the hard stuff. 

I am really excited about taking a very active role in our business and I think the direction it is headed in with our new staff postion is going to lead to great success!

This week with the day home and preschool back in session really helped bring back a semblance of routine to our lives.  Ally has started sleeping terribly again and that is so exhausting.  Last night she was up every hour after midnight.  She couldn't sleep and Mike and I were exhausted.  We yelled, took toys away, gave toys back, gave some milk then some water, we did everything in between.  By the time 4am came we were pleading for her to just play in her room and let us sleep.  She couldn't, she needed the interaction or something.  At 4:30am Mike and I couldn't sleep and I actually started thinking that we should just get up and start working.  Then Ally started hollering again and Mike went and laid with her. So we got 3 hrs of sleep.  Now guess how many times Georgia was up?  Once!  Yes she actually slept 6 hours straight.  I would rather be up nursing a baby every hour then dealing with a screaming, sleep deprived preschooler any day.

Now, you may ask, how is all this affecting your healthy eating?  Well.....*blush* I am not doing well.  Stress and vegetables don't seem to mix.  I am doing ok but there is tons of room for improvement.  I am thankful to my friends who are helping me through facebook and email.  I will get there soon and maybe do another marathon!

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  1. Welcome back to working, Melynda! It sounds like a nice change for you.

    Now, if only the vegetables and sleep-avoiding offspring would get in line ;)