Tuesday, November 2, 2010


On my quest for keeping busy, I found out that there is a nice little playgroup in town that is put on by the government.  I invited a friend of mine to come along too.  It was such a great morning!  I got to visit and Ally and Zoe played so well.  There are lots of kids and new toys, which is always great. Then in the afternoon  we had some friends come to play and stayed for dinner. 

Unfortunately bedtime was a horrific battle but I got to miss most of it because I was at a board meeting.  I won't go into it but Ally did lose her halloween candy.  I was shocked because it did not phase her to watch me throw the candy in the garbage.  I bet it will be an issue this afternoon when she asks for her daily treat.

I didn't really throw it away but now I can eat candy and not feel guilty for taking Ally's.

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