Sunday, November 21, 2010


I discovered something this weekend.  I discovered that spending time on yourself like doing your hair or make up is an easy thing to help you feel good about yourself.  Usually I don't blow dry my hair or do make up, I don't have time or I don't want to share my make up with my daughters.  Yeah, I'm mean like that.  I also have never seen the point to doing anything when I am not trying to impress anyone or I am just saying at home.

This weekend I had a little trade fair for Tupperware and I got dressed up, not fancy but did my hair and make up.  I was exhausted, cranky and felt fat which was exasperated by not finding the shirt I wanted to wear.  I didn't want to dress up but because of the way I was feeling I felt like I needed everything to make me look presentable.  What I discovered and also surprised me was that I actually felt great and just looking put together gave me some much needed confidence.

I am going to remember the feeling and do it more!


  1. It's a great feeling, isn't it! I have to remind myself to do those little things too...even on work days!

  2. Pampering is a great thing to do for yourself, as is making sure you get dressed and ready every day. I do my hair and light makeup every morning for precisely this reason, it mskes me feel much more human and put-together, I tend to mope around the house less and get appreciably more done when I am 'ready' for the day. Just a little foundation, blush, and curling my lashes makes all the difference in the world and takes maybe three minutes.

    I don't think I've ever been to a Tupperware party. Are they fun?