Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Appointment

Today I had another midwive appointment.  It went really well and Jane talked to Ally about cutting the cord.  I hadn't even thought about who would cut the cord but I think it would be a neat memory.  Mike didn't want to cut the cord with Zoe so he can't imagine Ally wanting to.  He is kind of grossed out by it.  I am just excited by the possibility that Ally will get to see her sibling being born.

I saw some newborn pictures today and I got all teary because I am so ready to meet my baby!  Soon....

I had low blood pressure again and I think it is worse in the evenings because I tend to feel like crap.  Mike has been so helpful with cooking dinner and helping with the girls. 

I have also started to think about weight loss and exercise again.  My mom thinks I am nuts because I really should take some time to recover and get breastfeeding established.  I agree with her but I worry about my self-esteem afterwards.  I am going to do my best to not do anything except eat healthy until January.  I have always like New Year's resolution regardless if I stick to them or not.  So I think that will be a great time to go hard core again. 

My self-esteem took a big hit last year with the miscarriage and some issues Mike and I were having.  Being pregnant helps because a nice big round belly clearly shows that your body is doing something amazing.  But afterwards....well...I need to work on it.  I think good self-esteem is very important for succeding with a diet and is even more important for my kids.  So wish me luck!

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