Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another Appointment

Yesterday I started my weekly appointments.  I thought I was so clever in scheduling my midwife and chiropractic appointments on the same day.  I am not so sure but it is too late now.  My plan was to head into the city for my midwife appointment in the morning, go to a friend's house for a playdate/lunch and then head to my chiro.  Well by the time we got home at around 3:30pm, no one had napped and everyone was done.  Zoe is in love with Ally and wants to play with her and sit right beside her but only on her terms.  She is a screecher and will screech at the drop of hat.  So that was our late afternoon, me trying to not scream more than Zoe.  I really can't stand her scream!  I have learned that I need to really watch the girls because my automatic response is to get Ally in trouble but lately it has been Zoe over-reacting.

My midwife appointment went really well.  My weight and blood pressure are good.  Baby is measuring just a week ahead and has a great heartbeat.  I talked to my midwife about when I need to go to the birth center.  They don't want me there until I am in active labour.  I was in active labour with Zoe for 3 hrs but I started counting later pretty much 12 hours before that.  So it will be interesting to see when this baby decides to arrive because it will all depend on when I head to the city and where I labour.  I am trying not to think about it because there is so much out of my control and I don't need any stress. 

I originally thought that I would go into the city as soon as I could to avoid the drive too late in labour but that may not make sense.  I could labour at a friend's house, mall or hotel but then again it depends on when I go into labour.  So I am just trying to be positive about the hour drive into the city and depending on the time will think positively about labouring at home and in the car.

I have started packing my bags.  The baby's is done and mine is mostly done.  I will probably pack the girls and Mike later on or in labour. 

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