Thursday, September 16, 2010

Waiting Sucks!

I am trying really hard to not get anxious about when the baby is coming.  I know it is best for the babe to arrive on its own time but I want it to come now!  Tuesday night I had regular braxton hicks contractions which is similar to how I went into labour with Ally.  Tuesday and Wednesday would have been the absolute worse times for the baby to come.  Because my whole plan for birth would have had to change.  So since then I have been thinking a lot about the baby coming and I want it now. 

I think what I hate the most about the last couple of weeks is life is in a holding pattern.  I feel unable to make plans and discussing the future holds no interest for me.  I am enjoying this time with Ally and Zoe but the weather has been terrible and we are house bound, which is making me even more cranky.  Mike is working really hard and rationally I appreciate that but I just want a break and to be pampered.  I am also quite emotional.

I am doing my best to know that it is still early.  I will be 38 weeks on Saturday so there is lots of time and the longer I wait the better...I need to refocus and keep thinking Thanksgiving.  Even though I really want a September baby and not because I want the baby to be early (I do) but it satisfies my need and love for patterns.  Ally was born in March, Zoe in December and I wanted this babe to be born in September and if I have a 4th it will have to be born in June. I know, I know, lame right?

And the other thing is that I realized that I have been pregnant now for a year.  I probably conceived this time last year for the baby that I miscarried.  I guess I am just ready to have a little one in my arms.


  1. Oh Melynda....sending you happy thoughts and good wishes. I hope when baby decides it's time to make an appearance it's an easy (relatively speaking) birth. You're past the magic 37 weeks, so it really is any time now, isn't it!

    PS I'm not sure what made me think of this, but I was just chuckling to myself over the strange expression on Heather's face that December morning that you absolutely "needed to get coffee" for you and me and you walked through the front doors of Pax Lodge just after seven with two Starbucks, still in your pjs with no coat!

  2. Pax was so awesome! Was that when I snuck that boy in? Gosh i was awful! i really want to go there next year! It will be 10 years since I worked there.

  3. Ha! Yup, that would be the time...snuck him and and then snuck him out the back kitchen window...oh my! Fun times!

  4. I'm so there with you, Mel. Today has been nothing but regular contractions, except they just aren't progressing beyond a certain point. I'm actually getting out and out annoyed again, for some reason I am just grumpy and ready to be done, like my life is on hold until he comes. I was perfectly content and even ready to go overdue with Lilah, but for some reason I am anxious to have this one out and done (or at least have no contractions or clear progress none of this 'in the middle' stuff!).

    Grumble away, I sympathize!