Sunday, September 12, 2010

So In Love

I am really in love with my girls right now.  Everything is so perfect.  They are just so cute, smart, funny and mine!  Now that we have conquered the sleep battle with Ally, life is just heaven.  No more fighting for hours and middle of the night wake ups and more fights.  Good sleep for everyone has made a huge difference on my outlook at life.  I am so glad that I can enjoy this last month of pregnancy with them.

Ally starts preschool tomorrow and we have been excitedly waiting for it since February.  Preschool helped with potty training and a little bit with the sleep battle.  I think Ally is going to love it and make many friends.  I am also a little scared because with making friends there is also heartbreak.  I wish I could shelter Ally from it all but I know it will make her stronger.  I just hope that we can talk about it and that I can be there for her. 

Tonight was also another big night for us.  Each day/night Ally gets a chance of decorating 4 links for a paper chain that is outlining her door.  Today it was finished so we went to Wal-Mart and she got to pick out her own toy.  She chose a princess, prince and horse.  She just loves the toy.  It was a lot of fun getting it with her tonight.  She was just over joyed with picking out her own toy.


  1. Preschool - how exciting! J's been going to daycare for a week and loves it. All weekend she asked if some of her daycare friends could come to her house if she wasn't going to go to daycare that day!

    How did you finally convince Ally to sleep again?

  2. We finally got Ally to sleep by just getting back to basics and being very firm on the rules. And the paper chain worked really well, I thought it might be too elaborate and she wouldn't get it but it did. We also moved bedtime later because she still naps and needs to.