Wednesday, July 29, 2009


How would you like this challenge to keep you motivated? Do you want me to email and harrass you? Or is just being part of the challenge enough? For me organizing the challenge really helps me. So you are helping me a ton so let me know what I can do to help you.

Feel free to post your points for Wednesday here. We won't be officially starting until Monday but those of you who are posting now will get an extra boost of points towards the month grand total and the winner then will get a great prize! I have been scanning the internet already.

Today was a good day, I had a salad for lunch and that really helped because I had a craving for junk tonight. I discovered these baked veggie chips and they are great. I pair the chips with hummous and it turns into a yummy snack and satisfies my junk craving.



  1. Wed was the same as Tues

    Water 10
    food 5
    exercise 0
    total 15

    got to do something about that goose-egg....

  2. Just getting started counting points...hoping to blog about your challenge tomorrow. :)

    water: 10
    food: 0 (a brownie jumped into my mouth today *sigh*)
    exercise: 10
    total: 20

  3. water-6
    total 9
    yeah.. not so good yesterday.. to busy chasing after kids to remind myself to drink water lol...