Monday, July 27, 2009


I am so excited! Thanks everyone for joining me. I hope that this challenge motivates you to get healthy and lose weight.

Water -10
Exercise -0 (It is hot...I have a terrible time motivating myself in the heat)

I wanted to clarify about the eating points. Basically you can do whatever you want but it needs to be something healthy and to help you lose weight. So it could be loosely doing weight watchers like me, Body for Life, counting calories or just eating vegetables/fruit at every meal.

The new vegetable that I am trying this week is kale. If you don't want to try a new veg, maybe try a new recipe. One of my good friends Pam, who is participating has an awesome food blog, Lobster and Fishsticks check it out to see if there are any recipes you would like to try. She has tons of great recipes that she has made even healthier. My sister in law gave me some kale that she grew in her garden. For lunch I made this recipe and also made another recipe for dinner. Mike was gone tonight playing golf so I knew if I made a meal of kale that it would get eaten. Kale is growing on me, it is really good. My absolute favorite way to eat kale is in Zuppa Tuscana from Olive Garden.

Post your points and let me know what your new vegetable is.


  1. Don't worry about posting your points today. This is warm up week so post what you can and start being healthy.

  2. Are we supposed to post daily? Or weekly?

    today for me:
    Water: 8
    Food: 3 -- I ate good but added a bit of chocolate post lunch.

    total: 11

  3. You can post daily or weekly. What ever works best for you and keeps you motivated. I will keep a tally.

  4. This is for today (Tuesday), before I forget!

    Drinking water - 10 (I had 6 16 oz bottles)
    Exercise- 0 - Daniel's sleep is messed up and I had no alone time
    Eating - 5

    Total = 15 points for 7/28! : )

  5. for me for tuesday
    water- 10
    exercise-0 (unless getting sweaty from hand washing my floors counts lol)
    eating-5 (hubby made a buffalo chicken salad with blue cheese and hard boiled eggs! yummers!)