Monday, April 4, 2011

Lockdown Mode

Last Monday I declared my family under 'lockdown'. 

"Huh?" you say. 

Well basically we have been too busy.  Poor Georgia had no sleep routine and both of us were suffering.

 I also find leaving the house with 3 kids to be stressful.  I am punctual and I live by my old band director's motto, "If your on time your late!"  and going anywhere with children who have no sense of time or hurry is a big to do.  Leaving the house had gotten to the point where the stress of leaving completely out weighed the fun out going out. 

I have been getting better at not getting so stressed and frustrated and having an attached garage is helpful but the weather has been no help either.

The past week has been glorious!  Georgia is back to having two naps a day and going to bed has been getting easier each night.  I am getting the house clean and having a great time with Ally and Zoe.

Unfortunately Georgia is only sleeping in 2-3 hour stretches at night but staying at home helps with my exhaustion levels.

Now if only I could remember how great it is to be less schedule...this week is turning into a bit of a roller coaster...ahhhh...such is life.

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