Monday, October 25, 2010

Back to Life

I am gearing up for NaPoBloMo...or at least my own private version.  I think it will help motivate me to keep on the healthy track and it is something to do while I am nursing.

Today is the start of us getting back to normalcy.  I am ready to handle 3 kids...most of the time and I think Ally and Zoe really need it.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks and it shows in how the girls have been acting.  They have been out of sorts the past couple of days.  The fighting, crying and screaming has increased ten fold.  I think it is most likely a phase and just needing some routine again.  It could be the introduction of a new sibling too.  I am sure *fingers crossed* that things will settle down soon.  I may need to learn how to effectively discipline from a chair while nursing.  Ally has also started her bedtime battles again.  I am terrified for the next two nights because Mike is out.  I have next to no patience as it is and Ally knows how to push all the buttons.  The other night she actually hit me and I did not react very well to that.  So wish me luck...but at least I can drink.

I am not telling many people about starting to eat healthy and exercise again.  Most people think it is too early after having a baby.  I agree and I am watching my body.  I know it has only been three weeks since Georgia was born but it was such an easy labour that I actually had to remind myself to take it easy.  And three weeks has gone by fast but it feels like Georgia has been here forever already.  I am not starving myself, I am actually eating more often but just watching the quality and portion of the food.  I am exercising on the treadmill, pushing myself but not too much.  So far the exercise has actually really helped my mood and energy! 

Another new development in my life is I have decided to become a Tupperware Lady.  I feel weird writing that.  In the past I have despised home parties, mainly because I feel a push to buy and I haven't had money for those extras.  I do enjoy the parties when I go.  I decided to sell tupperware because I really like the products and I wanted a way to help out with the family finances.  I think it could be fairly lucrative for me because I have a place to advertise for free in our Coffee News editions.  I am scared of having to do parties but I know I will get the hang out it.


  1. If you lived closer to me, I'd pick you as my Tupperware lady!

    I'll try to answer your email when I get home tonight...

  2. I was typing a response and realized it needed its' one blog post. Suffice to say, I am right there with you! Good luck on getting back into the swing of things!