Thursday, August 5, 2010

31 Week Appointment

I had my 31 week appointment yesterday.  Everything is going really well.  The baby was transverse and posterior.  My midwives aren't worried and surprisingly I am not either.  I know it is still early and I know that my uterus is nice and roomy after housing 2 prior full-term babes.  I am also less concerned because I found out that there are two doctors in Calgary that will deliver breech babies, so I have many, many options between now and then.  I am just relieved that it doesn't mean an automatic c-section.

My weight has sky-rocketed in the last 3 weeks since my last appointment.  I haven't been eating as well and I haven't done any formal exercise.  But again I am not worried.  It has been on my mind and I am going to get back at it.  And at this point, I am tired and Ally is still not sleeping well, so it is an accomplishment to make it through the day, sometimes.

I am enjoying not being stressed or worried.  I am sure it will hit soon because the baby will be coming soon but since this is #3 there isn't that much to do.  I need to get a hotel booked or at least picked out and my bags packed but I am not doing that until 37-38 wks.

I am trying to keep the mind set that this baby will be late.  Ally was born at 39 weeks so I expected Zoe earlier than that, so I had my bags packed, Ally's packed, care set up for her and a back up plan set up all before 36 weeks.  I basically drove myself nuts because I had nothing to do and was just waiting.  I liked with Ally that I was pleasantly surprised when she came.  I hope I can achieve that this time around too.

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