Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Do you like being a SAHM?

I was asked today if I liked being a stay at home mom.  I immediately said, "Most days..."  but I continued to think about my choices and situation all afternoon.  I have decided that a more accurate answer would be," I love being a stay at home mom but I hate being a house wife."  I don't like cleaning and I only want to cook for fun.  Wouldn't it be awesome if that could become my reality?  Mike is trying to figure out how to get me a cleaner, which is wonderful but I do know we are tight and it probably won't happen and that is okay.

I know it will be easier in some ways when the baby has come.  I find the last trimester to be soooo exhausting and I am lucky, I don't have much pain, discomfort or other major pregnancy woes.  I remember when I was pregnant with Zoe asking my friend who had given birth to twins how in the world was she managing three kids when I could barely function with one.  She told me that the energy level does come up after birth and in my experience so far she is right.  I am really looking forward to it!  I do hope I am blessed with an easy baby again so that I can spend time with the girls.

Ally will be going to preschool two mornings a week and both girls will be going into a gymnastics class.  I think this will really be helpful to keep them active and relieve some of the guilt that I may have when I don't want to leave the house.  With Ally's sleep being so unpredictable and a major challenge, I have been working hard at doing something active at least once a day if not more.  I have fallen in love with swimming because the girls love it, it tires them out and it is easy for me with the lack of gravity.  I hope we can get back to swimming as soon as possible after the baby comes.

I had my 34 week appointment yesterday and everything is going really well.  Baby was heads down and I hope s/he stays that way!  My blood pressure was low 102/58 but my midwife wasn't concerned so I am not either. And my weight is only up 2lbs since last appt, I am at 218 lbs!!  I am really enjoying not having any worries right now.  The pregnancy started with so much anxiety it is nice to just enjoy growing a child.

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  1. I don't know too many moms who really love the drudge-work of being a housewife, but whenever i get into that state of mind I always ask myself if I would prefer the alternative, and the answer is immediately NO! Finding ways to enjoy or at least take satisfaction in the daily tasks we have is a really crucial part of contentment, for me, and loving my life (even if I don't love all parts of it, all the time).

    Hopefully the schedule change with the activities for Ally is what you need.

    Great to hear about the solid appointment and good health. Having any energy at all these days is hard, but it WILL get better... only a few weeks left and you'll be holding baby #3!!! Great job on your weight gain :)