Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting Anxious!

Since we moved about an hour out of the city last year, I have to have this baby at the birth center in Calgary and that also means that we need to stay in the city for a couple days.  Almost across the road from the birth center is a strip of about 8 hotels.  On Saturday Mike and I toured all the hotels that had suites and a pool.  We wanted a suite with a kitchenette and seperate room.  We hope to have (if I am up to it) a place to have guests and for the girls to play but also a place for me to go and rest.  We were able to book a great room with a full kitchenette too!  The cancellation policy is also pretty good, if we call before 4pm then we aren't charged.  It will be interesting what happens if I go early, hopefully we can get the same room.

Talking about going early, I have now had two friends have dreams that I am going to go early.  Which is very weird.  I unfortunately have no ideas and can't remember my dreams.  I am keeping with the same mind-frame that I am going to go late.  The sad thing about that is that if I go late there is a good chance that my mom won't be there!  So we shall see what happens.  Basically I would like the baby to come anytime after 39 weeks and if it is going to be earlier than to happen after Wednesday.  Ally starts preschool classes on the 13th and that will be 37 wks and 2 days, so after that would be nice.  I have a feeling that this baby won't be super accomodating...but why should s/he?  This baby has really worked on getting my attention from kicking and moving a ton more than the girls, being transverse and if you think back to the stress at the beginning about if there was a baby or not.  I think this baby will fit in quite nicely and is ready to keep with its sisters!

With booking the hotel and talking with my mom this past weekend, I have started to get a bit anxious and the reality of having another baby is starting to hit me.  So I am going to start my lists and begin to pack.  I can't help it! 

I like to have a bit of a party at my births so I have a large group attending, so I typically send out my birth plan and give each person a job.  My plan is also very flexible because 3 of the attendants have jobs and famillies of their own to take care of.  I think writing everything up will help ease the panic that was setting in yesterday.  I am going to hold off on packing the bags just yet but I might just make a list of what everyone needs to have.  Just in case I go early and Mike and I have to run around throwing things into bags.

I bought a maternity support belt this weekend too.  I am not a huge fan but I have had less hip pain since I got it.  I have only worn it for a few hours each day.  After a while it needs to be re-adjusted and that annoys me.  I wore it this morning while I was cleaning and cooking and I do feel good.

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