Friday, May 18, 2012

I miss blogging

I can't believe my last post was January!   I guess it shows how crazy my life has been.  

With summer approaching life is slowing down and giving me time to think and get back to the things I enjoy.

I have also started to think more about living my days more deliberately instead of just letting them happen.

So I hope to start blogging more.... So if I still have readers I hope I can write something worth reading.


  1. I'm still here!! I hope you start blogging more again - I like reading your posts (I know you're busy though!)

  2. I too am here and enjoyed your blogs... I miss being the mommy to younguns and it is like a memory trip for me as well :-)

  3. I check in here once every week or three, I'm glad to see you back and very curious as to how you are doing! Wishing you the best. Melynda!

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