Friday, September 16, 2011

First 5k run

This past Saturday I did my first 5 k run.  This was an organized run, it was a fundraising event to raise money for Ethopians to have clean water.

I found that after Australia that my motivation was waning and I needed something to keep me running.  I usually run anywhere from 3-4 kms during my 30min runs.  So this was a stretch but not a huge stretch.

On the Monday before I got up early and did a full 5k with a big hill, just to make sure I could do it.  Then I just took it easy.  I was planning on doing another run but the weather wasn't the greatest and I thought my run was on a Sunday.  Turns out that it was Saturday and that threw my schedule off.

I find that I have a huge mental block with running and the mental piece is now my biggest struggle.  I am so used to not being a runner and believing that I can't that it takes a lot of mental preparation for me.  I was terrified of the run.  I can't name my fear exactly but I was afraid.

Saturday morning came and it was a perfect day for a run.  The location of the run was along the Bow River in Calgary and it is quite pretty.  I was really nervous and tried to focus and get in the game...which is difficult when you are also packing up 3 kids.

Mike and the girls cheered me on and I ran.  I had a hard time getting my pace because there were a lot of walkers....and amazingly slower runners!  The route was quite narrow at times and I would get stuck behind someone and have a hard time passing.

It still doesn't feel real that I ran in a real race!  My time is now my benchmark and I can't wait to beat it during the next run.

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