Friday, July 9, 2010

July is off to a Great Start

Exercising and diet are going pretty well for the most part.  I am happy with my activity level and how I am eating.  Again for the most part.  A few things are keeping me from a perfect score but that is life.

We went camping with the girls for the first time over the long weekend and it went really well.  We had a blast and once we figured out how to get the girls to sleep, there were no problems.  I can't wait to go again at the end of the month.  Eating, well during camping for some reason didn't go so well...I will blame the smores :)

The other challenges that I am having are the heat and Ally's sleep.  The heat isn't so bad but it does wear me out.  Now Ally's sleep is a huge battle and it is just getting worse.  I don't know what to do.  Last night was extremely horrible.  Mike and I need to make an action plan and I want it to be a positive plan.  I feel like the lack of sleep and frustration is making the battle extremely negative and I don't want that in my relationship with her.  I also am intrigued with diet and maybe we need to cut out sugar or I have heard red dye is really hard on kids.

My weight is doing pretty good and I am hoping to only have a 1-2 lb gain for the month when I see my midwife next week.  At this point I am sitting at 2 lbs but I am hoping some more of the junk food I ate last weekend will wear off.  I am about 210lbs, so that is pretty awesome in my opinion!

I also went for my gestational diabetes test on Wednesday and I hope the midwives will have the results.  I am pretty confident that everything is fine but I like to have the results.

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  1. It's actually Beth, apparently Brit is logged in...
    That is wonderful news that you are trying to stay active and eat wisely. Good job on taking the kids camping. I'm very proud of you! (Ethan has been a few times and loves it - the first time he was 25 days old!)