Monday, July 12, 2010

Am I becoming too obsessive?

I have really gotten into tracking my calories with LoseIt!  I do my best to put everything in and stay under the reccomend calorie amount.  Right now the app reccomends that I have about 1800 calories.  When I choose good nutritional foods this is not a problem and I am not hungry.  I am working hard on recognizing when I am hungry and when I am 'bored'.  I just need to keep in mind that I am growing a child here.  I am a worrier and I worry that I am taking things too far.  I feel that weight management can be a slippery slope.

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  1. Well I may not be the best commenter, as I have been tracking calories and weight daily for well over a year now. I admit though, during pregnancy I use my calories as a guide and will overeat them if I am genuinely hungry. I also learned to separate out my bored eating a long time ago and so I don't need to be as vigilant now as I did at the beginning of my journey.

    Provided you're eating healthy foods and not going hungry, I find calorie counting is the best tool I have. If I eat it, I write it down on there, its that simple. I don't benefit by pretending the food doesn't exist and not counting - the count isn't a condemnation against me, it's a tool to see how I am doing and the effects of the choices I make. As long as you don't give it power over your mood or self worth, I see no downside.

    But again, I AM a strong advocate of charting progress and being stringent with my accountability, it's the only thing I know that works long term for someone like me with permanent struggles against weight gain.

    Let us all know how it goes for you, your start sounds promising!