Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bar Star

Many years ago but it feels like yesterday, I was a bar star. 

Dancing and drinking with a bunch of friends was my preferred way to spend the weekend.  My girlfriends and I would spend a couple hours pre-drinking and getting ready.  I miss having hours to devote to making myself look amazing.

Tonight Mike and I are going to see Nelly.  Ww both love  Nelly because he was  popular when we were (seperately) travelling in Europe.

It was fun and stressful getting ready wirh the girls.  Ally and Zoe both love when I  put make up on and we have fun with it. I missed having an objective and knowledgeable opinion today.  Ally thinks I look beautiful just by putting makeup on; which is wonderful  but not helpful when you are wondering if you look like a clown.

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