Friday, February 25, 2011

Lists, Schedules and Routines

I am fascinated by organized people.  I want to be someone who is organized and maybe someone who has a clean house.  Since cleaning out my closet last week and re-organizing a few cupboards.  I have started reading more and more organizing blogs.

The pictures are so beautiful and neat.  I love all the neat baskets and clean spaces.  I have always enjoyed clutter and feel that it is also a part of who I am.  But now I am wondering if that is really true?  Could I be one of those people who has a spot for everything? 

As I am typing and thinking about what I want my house and life to be like.  The clutter doesn't really bother me but it what is bothersome is that it doesn't just stop at too many nicknacks.  I can handle nicknacks, but what bugs me and eventually overwhelms me is the amount of stuff that just becomes a huge mess. 

Mess is what overwhems me and weighs me down.  It also exhausts me and I get to the point where having people over is stressful and I don't invite people over.  I love having people over and it is a shame that I let a messy house take that away.

I am going to try and follow the steps on I'm an Organizing Junkie each week and from reading Shannon's blog and a few others....I am going to attempt to set up a House book.  With routines and schedules and lists...Oh My!  Now I must admit I am excellent at making all that stuff up and I love it.  The hard part is sticking to it. 


  1. Yay on making a house book! From experience, you kind of have to play with it until it works. And then it's easy to stick with. The only thing I need to remind myself to do is make a meal plan. And the rest is now pretty easy to stick to. With the chore routines, I've discovered it takes fifteen minutes to vacuum, but if I put it off, I spent an hour (all together) fretting about not vacuuming and why I can't do it right now and then fifteen minutes doing it...

  2. My house isn't quite fit for an organization blog, but it IS serviceably clean and easy to pick up quickly for company, thanks to organization and schedules. They are mommy's best little helpers ;)

    I am rooting for you - once you find an organizational system and style that clicks for you, it really does take away much of the excess daily stress we can succumb to. You go, girl!

  3. There is an excellent book called 'It's All Too Much' that Deyelle and I have revisited several times (not that you could necessarily tell from our house) about getting rid of the stuff you don't need; it's almost profound. One activity in it involves taking absolutely everything out of a room and putting it into 'keep', 'donate' and 'garbage' piles. You write up a description for what you'd ideally like a room to be used for, then only return the things from the keep pile that fit with the room's purpose. Once you do the whole house, you're left with stuff you thought you wanted to keep, but you don't really want to use - and you donate that too. There are more involved activities too, but just doing that in our condo eliminated boxes of stuff when we were staging.